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What would you do with $100,000.oo in cash?

Just break the IGFA world-record of 93.0 pounds - That's it!

Of course there are some rules you must abide by:

  • Species must be king mackerel
  • Current record is 93.0 pounds
  • Fish must be caught April 11, 2008 or April 12, 2008
  • Must be caught within the tournament boundaries
  • Must be a registered team in the tournament
  • The I.G.F.A. must certify the new world record prior to claim
  • I.G.F.A. conventional all tackle rules and regulations
  • Grand Prize is only available to one angler

"If there is anywhere it can be broken, it will be in Bimini" - Capt. Ben "Benji" Davis, Bimini Legend

"93 pounds? I've seen 100 pounders swim by the boat" - Capt. Mack Rolle, Bimini Native

"I personally weighed a 67-pound king during a tournament here in Bimini; and it was a dolphin tournament."- Tony Albelo, Tournament Promoter