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50 Miles - One Winner

Let the Ride Decide!

The Miami to Bimini race will be the first ever to be open to any all who wish to compete. There is no entry fee and a few simple rules:

1. Entry will be free and open to all.
2. Boats must have 6 rods and reels visible at all times (for the photos... this is a fishing boat race)
3. Safety – Each team is responsible for its own safety. Everyone on the boats must wear life preservers and wear kill-switch lanyards. All boats must carry proper safety equipment. There must be at least two people on board each boat.
4. Once the race starts, a boat coming into contact with another boat or land is immediately disqualified.
5. Start Line – The starting location will be just outside of Miami. See official chart for exact details
6. Finish Line - End will be the imaginary line demarked by waypoints A and B approximately 1 mile west of the Bimini Harbor entrance. Waypoints A and B will be manned by 2 stake boats. See official chart for exact details.
7. Communications – Boats will communicate on VHF82 and will be required to maintain VHF82 throughout the race.
8. All equipment including boats and motors must be production models.
9. Boats must be "fishing boat." We reserve the right to disqualify any boat. In other words, we do not want to see a Nor-Tech with clamp-on rod holders.
10. All participants must sign a release of liability waiver.